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School uniform is not just a balance between ‘stand out designs’ or ‘price conscious sobriety’

We appreciate that each School has different needs and requirements. At Newplan Solutions we have real conversations with our schools about what suits them, their students and their parents best.

Getting the uniform right from the start is the secret to great uniform supply.

The Service

As part of our service, we constantly monitor and review every schools uniform to identify how we can reduce the lead times on your uniform and control the costs to your parents.


Unless requested otherwise, we work with both the school and the manufacturers to minimise the amount of stock required and if necessary introduce garments and designs which are complementary to the existing uniform;

for example – Pocklington’s school blazer was a bespoke garment with a lengthy lead time. This summer we substituted it with a blazer of equal quality almost indistinguishable from the previous garment, but with just a 2 week lead time and a material cost saving to their parents.

When required, we will commit as a company to hold at least 3 months worth of predicted sales over and above that already ordered to ensure that your uniform supply truly is ‘all year round’.

Broadly speaking we will approach your school uniform from one of four directions based upon your needs…..

Variation 1

This package is best for smaller schools with simple uniform needs who would greatly benefit from our large buying power.

By focussing on a number of base garments such as primary colour sweatshirts and polo shirts, combined with our in house embroidery facility, we can offer great quality uniform at a high street price tailored to your school.

For price sensitive schools with simple uniform needs – this is the answer to all year round supply.

Variation 2

A package for schools which have slightly more complex needs, but where schools and parents are looking for great value for money.

We will provide fantastic quality day wear from great quality manufacturers such as Ziggy’s, Trutex or David Luke and sportswear manufactured by Orion, Falcon or Akoa.

The uniform we recommend will be made to the very highest standard, but much will be ‘stock’ lines held by the manufacturers which means a shorter turnaround time on all orders, which in turn keeps the price down for your parents.

Variation 3

This package places the emphasis on a stand-out uniform, but at a cost which is palatable to the school and parents alike.

In being able to access many manufacturers we are able to deliver a uniform which can be distinctive and unique to the school within their town or county, but possibly not across the UK and the rest of the world.

This might mean that for the sporting teams we provide “Raging Bull” sportswear, whilst for PE lessons we source the same garment and material from Halbro which will have a 6 week lead-time (at the time of writing) and so controlling the costs of an all-year round supply.

Alternatively we might suggest a hybrid garment by Orion Teamwear (Who kit out a large number of professional Rugby teams), that within certain constraints can incorporate your school’s colours in a wide range of designs but still be produced within 3-4 weeks. Again, this drives the costs down for your school and your parents.

In the case of daywear, we might agree the way forward is a good quality contemporary ‘stock blazer’ with a trim or brocade and complimentary knitwear; or as we do for some schools we might source a good quality, standard 3-pocket blazer but with an instantly recognisable shirt to distinguish your pupils.

We will bring the industry experts to your school to ensure that your uniform meets yours, your pupils and your parents needs.

Variation 4

This package puts the emphasis on a truly unique offering.

This often includes varied and complex tailored daywear, cloth specific to the school and instantly recognisable sporting brands (often worn by professional sportsmen and women)

This will ensure that the uniform is guaranteed to make the school and its pupils stand out on the global stage. The unique nature of the uniform means that much is usually made to order and manufactured specifically for the school.

Many suppliers will manufacture overseas to suppress their costs so lead times can be long – often extending well beyond 3 or 4 months. This is important. One of the critical aspects of uniform supply is that uniform is a time bound product – a school needs to see its pupil correctly attired at the start of term and a pupil needs a replacement garment when the old one is no longer wearable – so we will always endeavour to have core items uniform in stock all year round.