Your school uniform

We offer a bespoke service that doesn’t just meet the needs and requirements of the school, but those of the pupil’s, their families and the community as a whole.

Direct to school supply

Direct to school – is a service that does “exactly what it says on the tin”. You simply place an order with us and we:

  1. Place the order with our suppliers
  2. Confirm the delivery dates
  3. If necessary, explore alternative sources on your behalf
  4. Deliver the garments directly to your school.


This is perfect for smaller schools and those that already have an established school shop and require somebody to:

  • Manage and coral a number of suppliers
  • Keep an eye on trends in the market place
  • Benefit from competitive prices that a larger company can secure.

Minimum orders do apply subject to the nature of the uniform.

High Street Retail

If we retail your uniform then we can offer you various levels of service:-

Gold Star

When a school appoints us as their ‘Sole uniform provider’, we commit to go above and beyond to ensure their school uniform is always in stock and always represents great value for money. We will:-

  1. Assess previous demand and consciously buy well in advance to ensure that we are able to meet the predicted needs of your school and their parents
  2. Continuously market-test the product pricing. We will then cap the margins that we sell at to ensure that your parents are never over-charged
  3. Make your uniform available on our website (, in a nearby high street shop or school shop so your parents can touch and feel the products before buying, and/or at your parents evenings and special in-school selling events
  4. Keep you informed of new trends within the schoolwear industry so that your students always have the potential to access better uniform, contemporary materials and the best brands in the market place should you wish
  5. Monitor the marketplace on your behalf and where we can see problems with suppliers and manufacturer we will give you early notice and look to source sustainable alternatives.

Silver School

The silver school option is for schools whose parents prefer the additional comfort of being able to purchase from more than one supplier. Typically we will:-

  1. Consider previous demand and buy or ring-fence stock in advance to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of your parents based upon our expectation of the split in sales between multiple suppliers
  2. Commit to attending parents evenings and in-school selling events and if desired making the uniform available on our website
  3. Keep you informed of new trends within the schoolwear industry and advise you on problems with suppliers and manufacturers where we become aware of them.

When considering the Silver school route, we will always advise a school to limit their uniform supply to just a couple of retailers. The more suppliers the school has, then the:

  1. Less able any the appointed suppliers are to monitor sales and predict customer demand
  2. More likely that a less scrupulous retailer is able to introduce sub-standard uniform
  3. Less likely the school is to benefit from any economies of scale which exist.

In School retail

Experience tells us that larger schools with a more complex uniform may benefit from the presence of an on-site school shop. Naturally there are additional costs associated with operating a dedicated shop however parents benefit directly by:-

  • Having a dedicated on-site shop looking after their uniform needs
  • Not having to queue behind parents purchasing for other schools, particularly during the busy summer period
  • Being confident that the only garments sold in that shop will be items officially sanctioned by the school
  • Benefitting from both local supply and also high street prices on all basic items
  • Being able to ‘pop’ in at their convenience as well as benefitting from a fully serviced www site.

The school will also benefit by:-

  • Entering a true partnership with the company – with an employee on the site during opening hours approved by the school
  • A local, dedicated administrative point for their uniform supply whether through traditional retail, online or mail order
  • Benefitting from a reserve of stock held at the school all year around.

We will of course always work with the school to keep the costs of the shop to a minimum so a flexible approach to opening hours and sensible stock levels are a must.

Online Retail

We now offer every School and Parent exclusive use of our Online retail facility.

With more people shopping online than ever before we offer all of our customers, no matter where they are in the world, the chance to shop online from the comfort of their own homes and essentially beat the queues during the busy back to school rush.

This service, like all others is available all year round.

Full School fit out

Measure”, “order”, “manufacture” and “distribute”.

Four simple words but they mean a world of difference to your parents. Your students will get the right uniform pack put together just for them.

Measure – We visit your school armed with a range of try-on stock, fitting rooms and a number of experienced and DBS checked members of staff. We then proceed to measure the children and put together an order for each child. Our staff will always allow for growth and each parent will receive a copy of their child’s order for their added comfort.

If required, we will also visit any of your feeder schools to cater for your new intake. This is a great way to ensure that when the new term starts, everyone will arrive in their full School uniform.

Order and Manufacture – We will then place an order with our manufacturers based on the results. We appreciate that a child’s rate of growth can vary drastically and some parents may want to amend their child’s order. This is why we order surplus stock to not only cover any amendments, but to also accommodate for any child who may have missed the initial measure. We always invite parents to get in touch with us during this time should they have any concerns. We will keep a copy of every child’s uniform at our nearest High Street store should a parent wish to have their child re-measured.

Distribute – When the order arrives in-store our staff will endeavour to individually package up each child’s uniform. We then have two methods of distribution:

  1. We visit the school with a Till and Card machine and invite parents to come and collect their child’s order. There will be surplus stock and changing rooms present should any parent wish to try on, exchange, or purchase any extra items
  2. We invite the parents to collect their order in-store at their convenience
  3. Or where the parents/ a school have paid in advance, we can arrange for the uniform to be couriered directly to their door.