Our Ethical Values

At Newplan Solutions we believe that our customers, their children and the communities in which they live should be paramount in what we do – as a company, and in choices that our staff make as employees of Newplan Solutions Limited.

We believe that:-

Educating and clothing our children in the UK should not be done at the expense of communities elsewhere in the world.

  • That is why we demand that all suppliers provide us with their ethical credentials before we decide whether or not to buy their goods
  • That is why we reach out across the world to ensure our children have the right uniform we will transport almost all the goods via sea-freight – the most environmentally friendly method of transporting goods into the UK.


We should be accountable to the communities we serve.

  • That is why we publicly commit to offer extremely competitive prices that reflect the quality of the garments we retail. Infact, we have so much faith in our garments that we offer a ‘No Quibble’ Return Guarantee
  • That is why we visit every school for whom we are an official supplier, at least once a year after the ‘back to school’ so that you can tell us how we did clothing your children
  • That is why we have engaged CSN; an independent survey firm to consult with our customers to gather fair and frank feedback on how we are performing.

We should invest back into the communities we serve.

  • That is why where possible, we establish shops and distribution hubs in the heart of the communities we service; providing training, employment and opportunities to local people
  • The Head Offices’ of all of our suppliers are based in the UK. Whenever possible they source, weave, manufacture and embroider their uniform to the highest standards within the UK. In this way we support UK business, paying UK taxes and supporting the UK manufacturing base.