Bombolulu ...Newplan Solutions were delighted to be able to provide several thousand pounds worth of good quality uniform to Bombolulu school in Mombasa! Rugby Shirts, Polo’s and Track Suits.

The Bombolulu School of Promise is a children’s charity who provides education to the children living in the slums of Mombasa, Kenya, who are unable to access government education due to financial hardship. This is often as a result of being orphaned through HIV/AIDs. School fees for primary education have now been abolished however the cost of uniforms, books and transportation have not – these are the costs that can not be met by the families we support.

There are currently around 105 children being educated in the school by the 5 teachers we have employed. The school has gone from being a church hall where the children were taught whilst sat on the floor to a permanent building with running water, electricity, chairs, tables and many school text books. These are the steps to date the charity has achieved, yet there is so much more we aim to do to further the education of the school.

If you feel able to help or want to know more about the work of the school then you can by visiting 

Bombolulu School of Promise